On hold

Howdy all, Due to personal issues my current projects have been on hold. Furthermore, I’ve been blocked for a while with the I2C snooping issue for the weight scale project. Havent been able to find a suitable way out of

I2C cracked! (Hacking a Weight Scale, part 3)

Finally, after some hours with the bus pirate, lots of head burning and doing repeated measurements I finally cracked the I2C protocol. Here’s an example output of the I2C probe: [0xA0+0x20+[0xA1+0x00-] [0xA0+0x23+[0xA1+0x05-] [0xA0+0x3B+[0xA1+0x05-] [0xA0+0x50+[0xA1+0xA3-] [0xA0+0x51+[0xA1+0xA4-] [0xA0+0x52+[0xA1+0x36-] [0xA0+0x53+[0xA1+0x1F-] [0xA0+0x3C+[0xA1+0x06-] [0xA0+0x36+[0xA1+0x04-] [0xA0+0x10+[0xA1+0x5A-]